Staff Testimonials

Every year we survey our team to get their feedback on improvements and to find out what they value most about working for Mellott & Mellott.

Here are some recent responses:

When talking with my college classmates, the distinctions between their accounting job and mine include...

"...that they are almost jealous of my job. They work all of the time and are constantly stressed out and bored because they may work on the same account for months on end. At Mellott & Mellott, you get the chance to work on various accounts in different fields, and I never feel bored."  

"...the number of hours they work in a year as well as during tax season. Also, most college friends have had to choose between auditing or tax. Here at Mellott we have the privilege and opportunity to learn and blossom in both auditing and tax." 

"...their lack of enthusiasm they have for their work life." 

"...that our clerical and IT staff is great and they do everything in their power to help you succeed."

What do I appreciate most about working with Mellott & Mellott?

" environment and open lines of communication."

"...the immense knowledge that I have gained, and the sense of sincerity and amity among the staff. The knowledge that I have gathered is priceless; both in theory and in building professional relationships. In addition, there is a feeling of care and camaraderie between the staff. I feel as if those in supervisory positions actually want to help me learn and understand accounting, to help me advance in my career."

"...the friendly employees, flexible schedule, family friendly benefits and variety of work experiences."

"...being able to work closely with partners and the appreciation that is passed down from the partner level for job well done!"

"...the understanding that their employees need a good work/life balance."

In my first couple of years with Mellott & Mellott...

"...I am filled with vast learning experiences."

"...I have grown into a well rounded accountant and will only receive more great opportunities within the firm!"

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